Putin Critic Dies After Being Beaten Up By Quote Unquote “Strangers”


The IndependentA Russian journalist known for his criticism of President Vladimir Putin has died after being beaten by unknown attackers, it has been reported.

Nikolai Andrushchenko, 73, who co-founded the Novy Peterburg newspaper, was attacked six weeks ago and had been in a coma since then.

He died on Wednesday in St Petersburg.


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Oh my gawd a Putin critic died not from natural causes that’s crazy. Obviously must have been some random “strangers.” So senseless. So hard to keep the faith in a higher power when just totally random not connected at all to the ruthless KGB Russian leader violent acts are committed by total “strangers.” Sucks. What an unpredictable place Russia is — you can critique the President no problem and he definitely won’t poison you or have you beaten into a fatal coma but then completely unrelated¬†“strangers”¬†will take you out. Sad.

“Strangers,” they said.









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