Pussification of America Continues: South Carolina Student Writes Letter To Editor Complaining That Students Show Poor Sportsmanship Celebrating Opposing Team’s Missed Free Throws At Basketball Games..Wait What?





If it was April 1st I’d say this was an obvious and lame attempt at an April Fool’s joke.  But I think this is real?  Is that possible?  I guess in this day and age nothing should surprise us.   College kids just love complaining about EVERYTHING.   It’s the everybody gets a trophy generation coming home to roost.  You can’t boo, you can’t criticizes, you can’t tell somebody they are an idiot.  Everybody is the best at everything.  It’s bannanland.  I mean if you want complain about something doesn’t Chick-Fil-A hate gay people?  I’m pretty sure they do.  Complain about your school being affiliated with that. But rooting for the other team to miss free throws?  Insanity.   The best advice I could ever give Paige Pierce is to chill out and enjoy college.  Life is way to short to write letters to editors especially about this shit.  Just chill out, smoke a little weed and get stuffed.  You’ll be a much happier person.

PS – I love Chick-Fil-A.  I always feel like an asshole when I eat it because I know they hate gay people and I love gay people.  But they could fucking hate jews and bloggers and I’d still eat there.  Food is just too good.  It sucks. I always like to believe that when push comes to shove I stand for something but wave some Chick-Fil-A in my face and I’ll push a gay person down a well to eat it.   Not proud of it, but it’s the truth.

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