Pussification of America Continues: Sharon High Getting Rid Of Different Color Graduation Robes For Girls and Boys To Make Everybody Feel Inclusive



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The gay/lesbian club at Sharon high petitioned because they thought the color white is sexist because of what it stands for. Forcing the school to switch from the traditional girls wear white and guys wear maroon to we all wear the same color. All because one person in the school felt uncomfortable.

The Pussification of America at it’s finest. Listen I don’t give a shit what color graduation robes people wear. White, maroon, purple, green whatever. But this is fucking insane. Hey boys and girls exist.   If you have a dick you wear maroon. If you have a vagina you wear white. It’s that simple. It doesn’t say anything about your personality. It doesn’t say anything about you being gay, straight, bi whatever. It’s a fucking robe. Just put it on and shut up because it looks nice in pictures and those are your school colors. Stop complaining and knitpicking about everything in society.  People are different.  Live with it.  And let’s not pretend this is about inclusion either because I’m sure every person at Sharon High knows who was responsible for this change so if anything it just draws more attention to them. This is a classic “Look at Me Because I’m Different” masquerading as a “don’t look at me because I’m different” stunt.

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