Pats Fan Reacts To Browns Game Victory


God bless this guy, but I do have 2 questions.  How can any Patriots fan honestly care this much about a regular season game vs. the Browns unless you got the money line?  Like don’t get me wrong I was very happy they won, but not call my buddy up and almost pass out happy.  I only get that happy with the Patriots once a year and that’s if we just won the Superbowl.  Other than that I expect it every time.

But more importantly how did this dude not realize that kick wasn’t good?    I’m not sure it could have been any clearer.  And he was staring right at the TV the entire time.  Strange.   Either way I want this guy on my team 100% of the time.   Living and dying on December games vs. Cleveland and rocking the all Boston sports stockings right across the fireplace.  Strikes me as the type of guy who gave his girlfriend a “Homer” bowling ball for Christmas.

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