Danny Ainge Says Lebron Complaining About Refs Is Embarrassing….Pat Riley Tells Danny Ainge To “Shut The Fuck Up”


Boston.com – Even when the Heat and Celtics aren’t facing off in a contentious regular-season game or a vicious playoff series, their distaste for one another continues. On Friday, Heat president Pat Riley and LeBron James fired back at Danny Ainge after the Celtics’ president of basketball operations called James’s complaint of hard fouls in a recent game “embarrassing.”

James told reporters in New Orleans, “I’m not surprised to hear anything from Boston.” Riley was a bit more forceful in his comments, which were released through a team spokesman. “He needs to shut the [expletive] up and manage his own team,” Riley said. “He was the biggest whiner going when he was playing. I know that because I coached against him.”

When told by the Globe of Riley’s comments before the Celtics beat the Hawks, 118-107, at TD Garden, Ainge laughed, unaware his statements about James would spark such controversy.

“What did I say?” Ainge asked. “I would say we’re both right. LeBron should stop complaining. I complained as a player and I should manage my own team. We’re both right.”


I already said my peace about Lebron bitching little a little pussy about getting fouled hard.   But in light of Pat Riley telling Danny Ainge to shut the fuck up I felt like I needed to reiterate one more tiny point.  I just want to make it super clear that I fucking hate everything to do with the Miami Heat and wish they would all die a horrible, painful, grisly death. Carry on.

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