North Andover Parents Aren’t Thrilled That Their Kids Are Getting Sent Home With “Fat Letters”


NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. - Public health and school officials in North Andover, Massachusetts are being criticized for sending home so-called ‘fat letters’ with obese children. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says 32 percent of North Andover’s students are overweight or obese. A screening process uses body mass index to determine whether a child is overweight. They also determine whether a student is underweight. The department then sends home letters showing the results of the screenings, which families can opt out of.

How is this an issue? The institution you send your child to in order to better him said “hey bro, you’re fat and that’s bad for you. Might wanna work on it.” He failed his BMI test, no different than failing a spelling exam.┬áHe got an F in “being in shape.” What’s wrong with pointing that out? Besides being gross it’s unhealthy. Would these parents freak out the same way if little Tommy failed his lice checkup? I just don’t see a difference. Both are health issues, right? But I guess if parents are content to let their little angel sit at home and shove his fat fucking face full of Whoopie Pies then who am I to correct them? Who is anyone, really? Their child is perfect and don’t you dare disagree.

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