News Report From The Indiana High School That Wants A Non-Gay Prom Is Pretty Tremendous


This is hysterical. Top to bottom idiot, redneck bigots. From the preacher to the parents to the special needs teacher to the kids. Funny to laugh at if it wasn’t kinda scary. Like there’s a town in this country that thinks gay kids shouldn’t be allowed at prom. It’s like Footloose only the dancing makes the boys start blowing each other rather than your standard heterosexual fucking.

But you know why this video really scared me? Diana Medley. Because by the end of this video I wanted to out of wedlock fuck her so bad that I was making a “God Hates Fags” sign a la Westboro Baptist Church. Was ready to stand in front of the auditorium door with her like a stalwart offensive line kicking any gay kids in the dick so they didn’t get into the dance and affect the rest of the population. Kind of a harrowing realization for me. Yea I like to sit here and say I believe in equality and gay marriage and all that good stuff. But you put a sassy little blond minx in front of me with a differing point of a view and my beliefs fall faster that a queer’s trousers in the boy’s locker room. Scary stuff.

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