New Study Says While Being Funny Makes Guys Attractive, Being Attractive Also Makes Them Funny

was 21 Jump Street only funny because Channing Tatum is People’s mose beautiful man in the world?!


WSJIt’s well-established being funny makes men more attractive. Now a new paper reports that being attractive makes men funnier. In one study covered in the paper, students were asked to pick two of three quirky items they were offered to take to a desert island, and to explain their choice. Then other students rated the desert-island comments for wit, as well as on how attractive each of the commenters might be for a short-term or long-term relationship. The researchers found that good-looking people–especially men–were rated as funnier when their comments were heard as part of a video rather than as audio alone–in other words, when the person speaking could be seen. Also, funniness was most strongly associated with attractiveness for short-term relationships, especially funniness in guys. In a second study covered in the paper, funniness and flirtatiousness were strongly associated, particularly for males.

Well this might be the most obvious study of all time. No kidding better looking dudes are accepted as funnier. Take me for example. Behind the computer I’m just some unfunny idiot. But in person? Oh man, you should see the reaction all my quips get. Doesn’t matter how awful my jokes are, chicks will still laugh their asses off because I’m just so damn attractive. Don’t believe me? Ok, judge these three quirky items I’d take to a desert island:

1. fancy socks – I’m on a huge fancy sock kick. Have been for a while. They’re just home to me at this point. Comfy and an attention grabber. Plus I have really ugly feet (the ONLY ugly part about me!) so it would be really embarrassing if I ever got rescued and they were like “ew look at this marooned man’s feet. He’s nasty. Let’s leave him and all his fat little piggies here to die. The world will be better without him.” Can’t say that if you can’t see my feet. No matter what state I’m in when they find me if I have argyle socks on they’ll know at one time I was classy.

2. a fleshlight – gotta imagine my hands are gonna get pretty raw. And sand is like the herpes of topsoil, get it on you once and it’s pretty much there for life. I’m fine getting melanoma and taking in more UVAs than a Hot Bodeez bed, but jerking off with sand paper? That’s where I draw the line. Plus I’ve always wanted to try a fleshlight but I’m just embarrassed. No need to worry about getting caught on a desert island.

3. blowup sex doll – see number 2. I just hate monogamy.


So those are my three. I gotta admit, if I’m found with a blowup sex doll sitting on my face and a fleshlight on my dead dick it’s really gonna put that “only classy people wear argyle socks” theory to the test. But I’m confident. Anyway that list is pretty stupid right? Nice choices, faceless idiot. Well now what do you think about them?



A model AND a comedian?!

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