ND Just Tore Down Their Entire Legacy By Putting ND Stickers On Their Helmets




ESPN - More notably, the iconic gold helmet features the interlocking “ND” for the first time in the program’s 127-year history. The helmet itself also is meant to match the texture of the dome itself.




PUKE CITY. Listen everybody knows I hate ND. I think they are chicken shit for backing out of the Michigan rivalry. I think their fans are obnoxious. I despise everything about them. But aside from Michigan they are college football. Love em or hate em it’s always more exciting when they are in the mix. And it all starts with the helmets. Yeah I know they aren’t putting the ND stickers on them for every game, but it doesn’t matter. This is just spitting in the face of tradition. Once you ruin the helmet once it’s ruined forever. Do whatever you want to the uniforms. I don’t give a shit about that. But once you deface the helmet you’ve essentially shredded your entire legacy in one fellow swoop. Sad day for Irish fans. Sad day for anybody who loves college football and all the tradition it used to have.

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