My Final Thoughts On Glenn Ordway Getting Fired For Sucking


Absolutely perfect.   No pun intended but intended.



UPDATE – A couple people on twitter have asked why I hate Jason Wolfe and Glenn Ordway so much.   I’m sure most Stoolies know the reason, but in case you forgot here it is again.  Nothing too earth shattering…

It’s pretty simple really.  It’s not that they fired me because of the Howitzer thing.  It’s the way they handled it.  For starters Glenn Ordway pretty much begged me to be a regular guest on his show.  I said no to him because the chemistry sucked.  We even joked about it in the office.  Like who would have thougt 5 years ago WEEI would be asking me to be a regular on the Big Show and I’d be like thanks but no thanks.  Just shows how far we’d come and how far they’d fallen.  They needed me.  I didn’t need them.   Holly even called me up and tried to talk me into it. Eventually I agreed to do D+C because I got along better with them.

Fast forward to when the Howitzer thing happened.  Nobody was talking about that blog till Ordway went off on it.  He spent 3 hours on it.   He was agreeing with callers who literally said somebody should come to my house with a baseball bat and cave my head in.  What really pissed me off though is that I had been doing the morning show for probably a couple months on WEEI at that point.  Jason Wolfe had my cell phone.  Ordway had my cell phone.  They never gave me a chance to defend myself.  Just unloaded.  Later Holley said he wished they could have had me on since it was only fair to let me say something.  A day late and a dollar short.    It was a total dick move by Ordway.  And then Jason Wolfe announced via twitter and press release I was canned.  Didn’t bother to call me first and tell me.  Never spoke to me or emailed me.  Just announced it via twitter.   Bullshit midget coward move.

So that’s why I hate them.  Had nothing to do with actually getting fired.   I’ve been fired from every radio gig I’ve ever done.   I get that WEEI is corporate.  I get that I’m not.  Still doesn’t excuse the way they handled it in my mind.  You asked me to come save your station.  Then you grandstanded about how horrible I was without letting me defend myself or even calling me to tell me I was fired.  They acted like they never even read the website before.  Bottomline is if you don’t have the balls to tell somebody they are fired face to face or at least call them  or even email them you are a gutless coward period.  They created a mountain of controversy about me and didn’t even attempt to communicate with me about it or give me 3 seconds to explain myself. That’s why I love watching them fail.


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