27 Reminders Why Lebron James Is Still The Antichrist



So as everybody knows Bron Bron won the Title last night. Big whoop. He’s still one of the biggest frauds on the planet. He still couldn’t win in Cleveland. He still pissed in his hometown’s eyeball. He still needed to create a super team to win. Listen I don’t care how many titles Bron Bron wins. His legacy was sealed the second he went through with the decision. He is everything that is wrong with America and the world. And in case you need a reminder why here are my 27  favorite Lebron stories I’ve ever written on the Stool.  Hey Bron Bron…. eat a dick.

 (You can click on all the links for the story)

27. Bron Bron Throws Fans Of Cleveland A Bone And Says He Won’t Rule Out Going Back There





26. Team Lebron Mocks And Celebrates Derrick Rose’s Knee Injury In Typical Team Lebron Fashion





25. Bron Bron, Dwade and The Bostrich Are in A Jazz Band Together





24. 9/11 Terrorist Thinks Lebron James Is The Worst Human Who Ever Lived







23. Being the Humanitarian That He Is Lebron James Said He’d Do The Dunk Contest for A Million Dollars




22. Bron Bron Cancels Charity Game In Akron Because He Despises Kids And Hates Cleveland




21. Lebron James Hates Retards




20. Lebron Taunts The Cavs Via Twitter





19. Lebron Says People Hate Him Now Because He’s Black


LeBron James



18. Lebron James Rapping With Drake




17. Lebron Dunks Hard On A 6 Year Old At Summer Camp During Game Of Knockout




16. Jesse Jackson Says Lebron James Is Being Treated Like A Runaway Slave





15. LeBron James Treats Ball Boys Like Crap




14. Lebron James Is Charging People 25 Bucks To Hang Out With Him At Rumor Tonight?





13. FUCK TMZ….Here Is A Real Look At Lebron Getting Dunked On At His Summer Camp




12. How Big Of An Egotistical Asshole Do You Have To Be To Wear This Shirt After Getting Demolished In The Playoffs?




11. Vintage Lebron James… Hosts “Fade To Black” Fundraiser For Cowboys Player Jerry Brown Who Was Killed In DUI By Popping Bottles In Club All Night And Donating 10% of Profits to the Family





10. Lebron James Receives Mean Spirited Tweets…Says Being A Pro Athlete Ain’t No Bed Of Roses





9. Lebron James Bans The Stanford Band From Playing At Halftime of The Orange Bowl Because They Were Going To Make Fun Of Him





8. Lebron James Being Sued By Atlanta Nightclub For Signing Contract To Appear for $419 A Minute And then Bolting For Better Offer





7. Bron Bron Caught Up In Birthday Cake Controversy





6. Lebron’s Family Writes A Book About What An Asshole He Is





5. Lebron’s Mom Gets Arrested For Assault





4. Lebron James is A Douchebag Part #859 – His Birthday Powerpoint Presentation





3. Calvin Murphy Says Delonte West Definitely Fucked Lebron’s Mom





2. Lebron’s Entire Existence Summed Up In One Pathetic Jump Off A Diving Board




1.   Bron Bron “I Don’t Need To Flop, I Don’t Even Know How To Do It” Fined 5K For Flopping



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