MSNBC Host Goes After Congressman Scalise’s Politics As He Lies In Serious Condition Following Shooting


Ehh maybe a little distasteful to take the guy who just got shot and just recently got moved from critical condition to serious condition and lambast his politics while he’s down. Especially when he was shot at baseball practice for a baseball game between politicians that raises a ton of money for charity. A baseball game that’s all about unity and actually working together and across the aisle to achieve good. Just a thought. Just a little advice from some bozo who’s a professional smut coverer of politics.

And, to be honest, that’s not even the aspect of this that pisses me off the most. What really grinds my gears is that this conversation is ONLY had BECAUSE he got shot. If Scalise wasn’t shot and nearly killed last week, this segment never comes up. This conversation isn’t had. This attack on his politics is not discussed. But Joy Ann Reid is blatantly using the incident to set the stage for this “delicate thing” to be talked about. She’s saying “well since he got shot, can we talk about how terrible his politics are?” That’s exploiting a tragedy to push your agenda. That using what happened to him and to several others to highlight how much you think he is wrong. That’s fucked up.

If you disagree with his politics so much, and want to detail it, wait until he’s recovered, until he can defend himself, then have him on the show to discuss. But don’t attack his stances while he’s fighting for his life and try to disclaimer it with some “oh we knows it’s a delicate thing, but…”

You know exactly what you’re doing and what you’re doing is very scummy. Respect the biz.

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