Mother Of The Year Candidate Tosses Her Baby To Go Fight Some Chick On The Bus


How many times does a bitch have to ask somebody to grab her motherfucking baby?   She asked like 10 times.  “Somebody grab my baby so I can whoop this trick!  Somebody grab my motherfuckering baby!  I got to go beat this chick’s ass for disrespecting me in front of my baby!  Somebody grab my fucking baby!”  She asked over and over and over again.  People just acting like they didn’t hear her or something.   They left her no choice but to toss the baby to some stranger.    It was either that or just sit there and get disrespected in front of her baby like a fool.  Hey you gotta defend your family’s pride right?

PS – I know people are going to say this lady is an unfit mother.  I refuse to believe it.  Why?  Because that babies hat is dope.   Looks like a Koala Bear or something.   I just don’t see a bad mom making their kid wear an awesome hat like that.

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