Miltons Pimp My Look Winner

Can’t imagine there’s a person out there with the nickname “Trashbag” who doesn’t need a trip to Miltons.

Time to reload the Miltons machine. Send all sob stories to [email protected] or [email protected] and help us help you. And you need to send pictures! If you sent an email without a picture resend with one to be considered.


This Month’s Winner

Winning Reader Email


This is my buddy Dan Papa. We call him the dumpster/trashman/garbage pale etc, because he wears the same clothes over and over and has no style or swag whatsoever. Hes a good kid and all but he dresses like a herb. He loves wearing old baggy sweat pants, and usually wears some ridiculous top, as well as crocs or boat shoes. Seeing Papa in a pair of jeans is like seeing a blue moon, it just doesnt happen. He has ONE dress shirt he wears every time he goes out because he claims he doesnt go out much so he can wear the same thing. He doesnt shower daily and he lets his hair and facial hair grow until it gets disgusting, there have been times my friends and I have had to actually offer to pay for him to get a haircut and shave because he wont do it on his own. He is a recent graduate from Villanova and has been unemployed for almost a year with the only job he held being dunkin donuts, and he really has trouble getting laid. Please help this kid turn his game around so he can find a job and get laid! P.S. he was also one of the frat Bro’s from Villanova a few years back who got caught breaking into Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles Stadium) to steal a seat, I have attached his mugshot as well.


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