Mexican Actress Has A Rib Removed To Look Skinnier And Then Instagrams Picture Of Said Rib In A Jar


Metro- Thalia, a Mexican superstar, said she had had her ribs surgically removed and kept them in a jar as a souvenir. She made the claims during a talkshow last week when confronted over rumours about her weight loss. The rumours have apparently been doing the rounds for several years. However, despite her claims, there is no proof that the ribs in the picture are indeed her own, or even human. The actress said she had posted the shocking image as she wanted to set the record straight, writing on her official Instagram page: ‘To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof I love (love) My Famous Ribs, I kept themwith me all these years’.


People will say this chick is crazy or gross or both.  I say fuck those people.  This is the kind of work ethic everybody in the world should have.  The kind of commitment that we don’t see enough of.  Not only that, but it’s smart and savvy.  Thalia saw the angles and how they operated and reacted accordingly.  She realized that unless your name is Melissa McCarthy, you can’t be a fat piece of shit and still be a successful actor or actress.  Like it or not that’s the landscape of the business.  You’re more likely to become famous if you’re skinny and good looking.  Facts.  That’s not a sexist opinion either.  That’s true for girls and guys trying to make it in the acting world.  Thalia just happens to be more committed than everybody else.  If I were in the business of trying to get picked for TV shows and movies, hell yes I’d have a rib removed to look thinner.  Hell, take all of them.  I don’t need them.  Gotta keep up.  The lesson Thalia just taught all of us is, be dedicated to your craft or be prepared to fall by the way side.

And putting her removed ribs on Instagram?  Diabolical.  Laughing in the face of her competitors and showing them how its done.  It’s also pretty gross if those are in fact her actual ribs which they may or may not be.  Who knows.





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