Masshole Snowplow Driver From Yesterday Got Fired

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LOWELL, Mass.A private contractor paid to plow Massachusetts streets has been fired after he recorded himself on video joking about burying cars during the blizzard earlier this month. Mark Hussey, who goes by the name Dogg, was plowing in Lowell on Feb. 10 when he videotaped himself pushing snow banks back. He was fired from his job Friday after the video went viral. “My boss fired me from the best job I ever had in 30 years driving a truck,” Hussey said. “It was a stupid two-minute video.” Hussey said he was not doing anything other than opening the streets and making light of the situation. “This morning I apologized to the city manager, but it was too late,” he said. “That’s good. He deserves it,” said Mike Langlois, who claims Hussey plowed in his vehicle.

I guess you could kind of see that one coming.  Oh well. Another day and another example of the power of the Stool on full display. So now the question is did Dogg deserve to be fired? My answer is no. Is he an asshole? Yes. Would I be pissed if that was my car he was giving the Rene Rencourt fist pump treatment to after he snowed me in? Absolutely. But the guy was doing his job. That’s really all that matters right? It’s better than the people who Menino hired because they donated to his campaign and then flat didn’t plow the streets at all. I’d take this guy in a heartbeat over them. At least Dogg was out there doing what he was paid to do. I’m just not sure the fact he relished in snowing in cars is a real reason to fire a dude. I mean those cars were getting snowed in either way right? He basically got fired simply because he enjoyed his job too much.

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