Marry Fuck Kill – Guys You Want To Party With

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So on yesterday’s rundown we got into what a cock tease Johnny Football is.  How he just tickled my balls at the Final Four.  Naturally this raises the question of which dudes would you want to party with the most with right now.   There are only 3 choices for this MFK.   Leo, Gronk and JFF.     (Actually there are 4 choices, but I was know the Stoolies would murder the Biebs out of spite so I put Gronk instead to make it a fair fight)

Just to clarify the voting here.  Marry basically means best friend.  Fuck means party with for one night and kill still means kill.   For me it couldn’t be clearer what I’m doing.  I’m Bff’ing Leo.   He has the best life ever period.  Nobody is even close.  If you’re best friends with Leo you cant’ help but wake up and accidentally stick your dick in a supermodel.  That’s just how it works.   Plus you don’t have to worry about working out and shit.  When Leo goes to work you got with him on set and just boss people around.   It’s like a real life Entourage.  Count me in.


leodance (1)


I’m partying one night with Gronk.   The major reason I picked Gronk over Johnny Football is because Gronk won’t leave you standing at the alter.  If he says he’s gonna show he’s gonna show.   I don’t want to get all dressed up for a night on the town and be sitting their with my thumb up my ass.

And off the record after the Bro Show yesterday I got another text from JFF saying he couldn’t wait to hang out and it was gonna be “game over” when we did.    Tickle my balls more bro.  Tickle my balls more.


Marry – Leo

Fuck – Gronk

Kill – JFF

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