Man Is Pretty Pissed Off That His Ex Stole HIs Sperm To Impregnate Herself


HOUSTONA Louisiana man has filed suit in Harris County against Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates, PA of Houston because he claims their sperm donation clinic gave two vials of his sperm to an ex-girlfriend who has had his child. The man’s attorney said the child’s paternity has been proven. The boy is now two years old. Layne Hardin, 44, said he made the sperm donation specifically for another woman with whom he already has a 12-year-old child. He claims however that his ex-girlfriend, Tobie Devall, walked into the sperm donation facility and “bluffed” her way into receiving vials of his sperm.
Hardin said the clinic handed Devall the sperm in a brown paper bag and she walked to a doctor’s office in the same building and was inseminated.


Feel like we get “crazy ex girlfriend stories” as often as we get pussification or “dogs rule and cats drool” stories. The way we handle breakups may be the single greatest difference in the two sexes, aside from the penis. Most men go into full “I don’t give a fuck” mode. We dial in a healthy dose of alcoholism for a few weeks and sleep with gross girls. It’s an out of sight, out of mind situation. Women are different. Can’t handle the fact that there was something about them that everyone didn’t love. So they become obsessed. They post John Mayer lyrics as their status, stalk your every single move, and steal your sperm in a paper bag like a Creampie is a lunch snack. Just so they can go home and baste their eggs like they’re a Thanksgiving turkey. Because maybe if she can’t kill you then she might as well end your life.

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