Lucy The Dog Saves Her Owner After Both Are Hit By A Car In Dorchester



BOSTON (CBS)A dog helped save her owner who was badly injured in a car crash just days before Thanksgiving. John Miles was walking his dog Lucy on Neponset Street in Dorchester, as he does every day, when both of them were hit by a car.Lucy saved her owner after they were hit by a car in Dorchester. (WBZ-TV photo)John blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened. Lucy, a husky-beagle mix, who was also injured, limped to a nearby dentist’s office and barked until help arrived. She limped back and stayed by John’s side until emergency crews arrived.“I’m very happy that Lucy did what she did,” Miles said. “Makes me feel wonderful because if a dog as good as her can get recognition for doing something above and beyond good for her.”What I’m being told is she sat there and was crying and everything else, you know because I couldn’t get up,” John says. “That’s the type of dog she is.” “We found out that beagles actually cry, they have tear ducts,” said Caitlan Miles, John’s daughter. “So after the accident, when I was home with her, she had tears running down her fur. She is walking around lost without him.”

Fucking dogs man. I mean everybody saw what happened to Gronk when he tore his ACL Sunday. Dude was on the ground screaming in pain. Needed to be carted of the field. Well Lucy gets smashed by a car, tears her ACL, picks herself up off the ground and walks to the nearest house to got help. That’s a dog for you. There is no amount of pain and suffering that will stop them from saving their family.

As a sidenote would it kill this family to let Lucy hang out with John in the hospital? Obviously she wants to see him. I almost fucking lost it when the daughter was talking about Lucy’s tear ducks and how she’s just sitting at home crying like a human. I think she thinks John is dead.  I mean look at that face!




PS – John Miles is gonna regret telling me where he walks everyday because if you don’t think I’m camping out on Neponset Street waiting for Lucy to walk by so I can pet the shit out of her you just don’t know me very well. Probably bring some treats and try to get a couple kisses from Lucy too.

Double PS – If this was a cat it would have been an inside job from the word go. The cat would have hired the driver that hit them. Would have pushed John into the car and taken his wallet when he was blacked out on the street. Probably suffocated him with a pillow to make sure he was dead and then jumped in the passenger seat and been half way to Mexico by now.  Then he would have put John’s house for sale on Ebay and had the money wired to him across the boarder.

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