Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant?


Fucking Lohan. Tweets this at 12:35 in the morning on April 2nd. Literally can’t even do April Fool’s Day right. That’s when you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Not when you’re arrested 1,000 times for being a drunk crack whore kleptomaniac, but when you’re such a mess you can’t even nail a kindergarten joke. 35 minutes late, Lohan. April Fools isn’t an LA court, you’re not allowed to show up whenever you please. You got a hard 24 hour window and you missed it. Stick to being the hottest red head in the world, loving blow and taking killer mug shots, you’re much better a that than jokes.


Update: People didn’t think I thought of time change? She was in Sao Paulo. They’re an hour ahead of EST. You think I’d make a colossal mistake like forgetting to factor in time difference and luckily backdoor save it by her being in a place that doesn’t recognize daylight savings? Ha!

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