Leopard Jumps Out Of A Roof In India and All Hell Breaks Loose



Honestly there are so many leopard attack in India I’m starting to lose track of them all.  I can’t tell if this is the same attack as a couple months ago which was the same attack as a couple months before that or these are all separate incidents.  They all kind of look the same.   Like a Leopard appears out of nowhere and then it’s instant chaos.  Just a shit ton of Indian bros smashing into each other, running every which way trying to get out of the way while simultaneously swinging sticks at it.    And everytime I’m rooting for the Leopard.     Thing is scared shitless.   I mean look at this face.   So cute.  He just wants to go home.





Seriously could that face do any damage?  He couldn’t hurt a fly.   (Guy who got scalped notwithstanding of course.   Seriously not a good look bro.  Clean it up you scalped motherfucker)



rraddad ooopsrar



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