Lady Calls The Cops On A Dude After His Dog Licks Her Child At A Park….Wait What?

ATLANTA - Police are searching for a man who apparently struck a woman at the Old Fourth Ward skate park in Atlanta. According to Atlanta police, two women had taken their children to the park on Monday. One of women said that they were playing in the playground area, where the man had two unleashed dogs. “One of his dogs, who was off leash…went up to my friend’s 3-year-old girl who was sitting on a stone bench and went up to her and licked her. And we told him he needs to put his leash on and then we were calling the police,” said the women. The victim, who didn’t want her face shown, says while one of her friends called police, she started to record. Authorities tell us it’s an apparent case of battery, and perhaps other charges. “I’m glad that as a woman, you know, all the girls who we were with, the 3-year-old girls, saw me standing up for myself, and the dogs were not the issue, it was the owner,” said the woman. After one of the women began recording him with her phone, the man struck her on her hand, knocking the phone onto the ground. Her iPhone was not damaged and she posted the video on YouTube in hopes of identifying her attacker.

I don’t even get this story. So this guy was at a park and let his dogs off leash and one of them walked up to a little girl and gave her a kiss and the lady called the fucking cops on him? Keep in mind that this isn’t the guy’s version of what happened. This is the lady who called the cops version of what transpired. UMM WHAT!? How psycho is this fucking cat lady? This guy had every reason to knock the cell phone out of her hands after that. She’s batshit crazy plain and simple.  And what does this have to do with being a woman?  What type of crazy ass person calls the cops on a dog for giving kisses? It’s barbaric. If there was any justice in the world this lady would be locked up in solitary confinement with 100 cats in her cell just doing cat shit to her 24/7 for the rest of her life.

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