Kid Gets Punched At A Basketball Game And Mom Posts Ridiculous Write-Up About Her Son Being Assaulted

(the brutal assault takes place at 40 sec mark)

(Mom’s Writeup)Tournament game this morning at Hanover High School. Game against Kearsarge Middle School and Indian River Middle School. First quarter is when this happened. Was unprovoked. My son is okay thank God other than a welt on his head, sore, shook up and just checking for any other symptoms…. or complications. What is to happen with the kid that did this to my son? He needs help- and the coach left the game without saying a word to my son…or to me. The player who assaulted my son was ejected. But how do we go forward with these things happening and how do represent that this is not okay? The player who did this to my son did it not because of what happened on court ….clearly there is much sadness / anger and turbulance in his life. We are all in a bit of shock and trying to process all that has happened…. But, what I do know, is that if the adults are not setting the right examples, then these very troubled and angry kids will continue to show themselves.


Say what you will about this lady but she hit the nail on the head at the end there. I’m in a total state of shock trying to process all that has happened. Like I was originally planning on just making fun of this kid and his mom for being typical basketball pussies. Expecting a call every time the game gets even slightly physical. Calling for a kid’s head because he threw a few punches. Where as if this was Saturday morning at like 4 AM and they were on ice then the other kid’s mom is probably taking him to Dairy Queen on the way home to celebrate that 1-2 landing.

But you know what? I think the insanity this mom shows is beyond hockey and basketball. She’s just totally off the reservation. Posting videos of her sissy little kid online and practically screaming for Senate reform because her son had a fucking welt. A WELT! You really want to help your son? Teach him how to box out and clean glass without getting tossed around like a Raggedy Andy doll. That will do him a whole lot more good that this. Because that other kid doesn’t have any sadness, anger or turbulence in his life. He’s just a competitor. Maybe if you let the leash go on your kid he’d become one too.

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