Katherine Webb Basically Tells Feminists To Go Fuck Themselves…I Wonder What the MSU Professor Who Said She Was Personally Violated Has To Say Now?



 From My Blog on Jan 9th 2013

“It’s extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on an individual’s looks,” said Sue Carter, a professor of journalism at Michigan State. “In this instance, the appearance of the quarterback’s girlfriend had no bearing on the outcome of the game. It’s a major personal violation, and it’s so retrograde that it’s embarrassing. I think there’s a generational issue, but it’s incumbent on people practicing in these eras to keep up and this is not a norm.” ESPN planned in advance to mention that Webb, an Auburn graduate, is dating McCarron. But when Musburger’s gushing over her went too far, some staffers in the production truck at the stadium “cringed.” The network apologized for Musburger’s comments Tuesday. “We always try to capture interesting story lines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test,” the ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said. “However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.” Timothy Burke, an editor at the Web site Deadspin, wrote a story on Musburger’s comments Monday night and included the video clip from the broadcast. Deadspin has been criticized for publishing content that others have found offensive or too sexually explicit, but Burke said he thought Musburger’s comments went too far. “For Brent Musburger to find this woman attractive is normal,” Burke said. “For him to assert that every man should, and that every boy should try to be a football hero to get such a gorgeous woman, is where it is really not a good thing for me.”


I know I already briefly talked about this yesterday but I had to mention it again. Because for all the KO Barstool shit I’ve dealt with since I’ve started Barstool no incident has proved my point better about how crazy these fuckers are than Katherine Webb. Like I’d love a follow up with this Professor from Michigan State and see what this dude has to say now?

This is what ugly dyke feminists do. They all huddle in their little caves or classrooms where everybody can be ugly together and trash men and pretty girls. Pretend that they are morally superior to every other human in the world. That if you say a girl is hot it’s an insult and you’re promoting rape culture. That ugly dyke lesbians need to protect women like Katherine Webb from monsters like me and Brent Musberger.  That she is too dumb and helpless to think for herself.  That without feminists protection she may become rich and famous simply because she’s hot. It’s fucking comical. I mean I guarantee you whatever women’s studies class this below conversation was going on in they were all bashing Brent Musberger the day after this happened as well.



So now all I want is for this “Pat” looking professor to explain her remarks in light of what we just watched Katherine Webb say. It’s easy to just say shit and run. So can somebody please get in touch with this professor, show her this video and ask for a response? I’d love to see her squirm.

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