John Daly Recorded A Country Song Called “Hit It Hard” Because The Guy Is An Endless Barrel Of Talent

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I searched far and wide for an embeddable version of the song but couldn’t find it.  You can listen to the hit song here.


John mother fucking Daly.  What can’t this guy do?  Just when you think he’s done it all he pops up and surprises us.  An all time golf talent, an all time party animal, an all time gambler, cigarette smoking champion, fashion guru and now a country music star.  He’s like the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.  A jack of all trades.  Anything he does turns to pure gold.  That song is straight fire.  It works on a few levels.  It’s rough and rugged (classic JD) but it’s also inspirational.  Yes, John.  I will continue to Hit It Hard just like you.  I ain’t slowing down either.  No laying up or holding back for this blogger.  I’ve never been more jacked up and motivated in my life.  Is it too late for a Song Of The Summer nominee?  Because that needs to be #1.  I’m not even a big country guy but I loved every second of that song.  You’ll never hear that many golf puns brillianty weaved into a song ever again.  And the part about lawyers and shrinks spending money like his ex-wife?  I haven’t audibly let out so many ooooohs and ahhhhhhs since the hey day of Lloyd Banks AKA The PLK.  Absolutely amazing.


h/t ryder

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