It Takes Some Brass Balls To Try And Trademark “Boston Strong” While Simultaneously Only Donating 20% of Profits To Charity


Gawker - According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Born Into It, Inc of Woburn, Mass. filed for the trademark on Wednesday the 17th, seeking to use the expression for “clothing and accessories.” The same company has previously filed trademarks for the similarly Boston phrases “Chowdaheadz” and “Wicked Pissah Stuff.” already has a variety of bombing-related apparel for sale, including eight different shirts referencing Boston Strong and one with the David Ortiz quote “This is our fucking city.” All are for sale for $19.99, with 20% of all sales made today reportedly going to charity. Huffington Post spoke with Ryan Gormady, the owner of Born Into It and Chowdaheadz. “Our interest isn’t to police the mark,” he told them. “It’s more to indemnify and protect ourselves and our colleagues and partners.”

What better way to generate positive publicity for a Boston tshirt company than trying to trademark the phrase “Boston Strong” huh? Oh wait. Chowdaheadz was trying to do it to protect Boston! What a hero! And look at them! They are donating an entire 20% of proceeds to charity.   Hey how can you complain about that? Seriously what happened to honor and integrity in the tshirt game?  And unfortunately these guys aren’t the only ones trying to profit from his.  I’ve seen other companies donating 15%.  I’ve seen other companies using this to try and get facebook likes.  It’s gross.  This is precisely why we’re going to give the money directly to whoever we give it to. No middle man. I know some charities do great work, but I also know lots of others use it as a guise to fill their pockets or just flat lie.  It’s disgusting.

(UpdateChowdaheadz guy emailed me (not surprisingly I suppose) and wanted to clarify it was 20% of all sales in the entire store.  He was also adamant that the reason he tried to get the trademark was so people wouldn’t use it agasint him.  Who knows if that’s true? It kind of looked like damage control to me.  Also when Gawker wrote this article and when I went on the site it was 20% for 1 day.  As of now they will now be doing it for 2 weeks.  I suppose the proof will be in the pudding.  Hopefully they raise a ton of cash and donate more than we do.  Nothing I’d love to do more than eat crowe on this one)





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