It Appears Danny Ainge Has Officially Traded The #1 Pick



I can’t believe it, Ainge really traded the first #1 pick the Celtics have had in the modern draft era. We’ll have to wait to see what the final hall ends up being, but holy shit. We knew Ainge gets a hard on for assets, and if you’re telling me he gets to take his player AND gets high unprotected assets for the future, I suppose you have to be for the move. These kids are so young it’s a total crap shoot. It appears Ainge thinks someone like Jackson is the best player in the draft and a better overall fit for the Celtics. He’s BANKING on the fact that the Lakers pass on him though right?

It’s wild to think that after all that hoping and praying that the Nets pick would end up being #1 it finally does, and the Celtics don’t make the pick. I think at this point when it comes to trades you have to trust Danny knows what he’s doing, up to now he’s pulled every right string over the course of this rebuild. HOWEVAH, this decision is going to ultimately decide the fate of the Celtics for the foreseeable future, he CANNOT be wrong. I hope to God he isn’t. Maybe there is more to come, but either way this is a big time decision that frankly has me shitting my pants.

So throw away the Fultz highlights and get familiar with Josh Jackson. Ainge thinks he’s the right choice, so maybe we should all do our homework


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