Is There Anything More Difficult To Do Than To Look Cool While Dancing In Place

Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna & Ziggy Marley… by IdolxMuzic


So I was live tweeting the grammys last night being hilarious as always and I couldn’t help but notice all the dancing in place that was going on. I got to be honest. I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to in life, but even I can’t dance in place. Can’t do it. And I know I can’t so I always get in my own head about it. I’m convinced everybody is looking at me being like “hey look at that asshole with the huge nose trying to dance in place. What an asshole” So I don’t even try it anymore. I just bob my head a little bit. Nothing to make me stick out and get ridiculed. Because I feel like people make snap judgments on you when they see you dance in place. I know I do. Either you’re a fucking cool cat who knows how to fuck or you’re a squid. There is no inbetween. So rather than be judged I just kind of sit there and do nothing. It’s a horrible way to live. So I think if I could have one superpower that would be it. To dance in place like a hip black person.


Nicole Kidman – F


Chris Brown – A

(Bonus that I get hard everytime Rihanna bounces here)


Taylor Swift – C


Ellen – ?


Dougie Howser – F


No name Squids – F

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