In Case You Ever Wanted To Watch Me Fuck, There’s A Pornstar That Looks An Awful Lot Like Me

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I take a lot of flack around here. And that’s fine, it’s the life I signed up for. But I think it’s time to stop calling me ugly. Because this dude fucks for a living and he’s basically my twin. And he’s no small potatoes pornstar, he’s a Brazzers dude. He’s a hotshot. He sleeps with the hottest women in porn. His job is to be professionally sexy. And who does he look like? Me. Aside from being in shape/having a big dick/not having breasts, me and Levi Cash are the same person. So say what you will about my personality, but don’t call me ugly. Because now we have living proof that I’m hot as hell. If someone is professionally hot and a person looks just like him then that person can’t be called ugly. It would be like saying someone with the same skills as MJ sucks at basketball. You’re just ignoring the facts and being a hater for haters sake.


Esime Lee agrees. Maybe I’m not “her type” but I am a walking Ken doll and I’m also pretty sure we’re like best friends now. Just gotta seal it with some cunnilingus.

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Jayden Lee agrees too (Yes, kind of weird that both pornstars that got back to me are named Lee. But I feel like there are tons of Lees in porn, just like real life).



PS – If I had to choose a “good side” it would not be “under my chins.”


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