I’m Pretty Sure Intern Ian Rocking Black Ankle Socks With Boat Shoes Is The Worst Look I’ve Ever Seen



This is a borderline surreal look.   Like I’m trying to think if this is the definitive worst look on the planet?   The only thing that I think can beat it is socks with Tevas?  But I feel like people who pull that stunt are crunchy people from Vermont and shit who don’t give a fuck about style.  They’re almost reverse stylish if that makes any sense.  But make no mistake about it. Intern Ian cares.   He thinks this looks good.   When I started busting his balls about it he said something about playing hockey.   Not even sure what that means.  Worst look ever bro.

I defy anybody to come up with a worse look than black ankle socks with boat shoes.  Impossible.


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