If You’re Making “He Went Into Jail A Tight End…” Jokes About Aaron Hernandez, I Hate You



It has to stop. We got a million of these emails yesterday. Emailers all being like “Unreal. Best I’ve seen yet, hahaha.” Who the fuck finds this funny? Knock it off. “He went into jail a tight end and came out a wide receiver” is not even a dad joke, it’s an elementary school playground joke. I’m actually embarrassed that I even have to say this. But if you’ve made a single fucking “tight end” joke in that last day then you’re the worst human being alive. You’re the kind of guy who likes his own Facebook status and makes fun of someone then asks for high fives from his buddies and thinks everything he says is super funny and original. Fucking stop. I’ve never banned a single commenter but I swear to God anyone making tight end jokes, or Longest Yard jokes for that matter, will be DOA. It’s such low-hanging fruit and so overplayed that it’s actually disgusting and makes me physically ill. You’re the worst.

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