If You Just Woke Up You Missed The Craziest Night In the History of Boston

(Watertown Backyard at dawn)


How do I sum up the last 10 hours?  Hmm.  Well you didn’t miss much.  Only that the 2 terrorists robbed a 7/11 near Kendall Square.   Then they killed an MIT police officer.  Then they carjacked a Mercedes SUV and led the police on a police chase into Watertown throwing grenades at the cops.  At 2am the FBI released new crystal clear photos of the terrorists. There were bombs and pressure cookers all over the place. There was a wild shootout in a residential neighborhood.   There was a reverse 911 call placed telling all Watertown residents to lock their doors and stay inside.   A innocent dude got caught in the mix and was forced to get naked and put into a cop car.  One of the terrorists got killed.  One of the terrorists got away and is still on the lose.  There were like 5 more shootouts.   More cops got injured.   I listened to the police scanners for 10 straight hours.  The police scanners confirmed that Sunil Tripathi (the missing Brown kid) was the 2nd terrorist.  Then Pete Williams from NBC said it wasn’t which really made me look like a total asshole.  I ate some pizza for breakfast. And currently the guy we thought was Sunil, but supposedly isn’t is still loose and the MBTA is shut down and the entire city is on lockdown as this madman runs around with a gun and a bomb strapped to him.   Other than that you didn’t miss anything.


If you want to relive the night my twitter feed is probably the best way to do it.

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