If You Didn’t Get Choked Up During The Paul Pierce Tribute You Must Be Dead


See this is why Boston is different. This is why we’re the greatest sports town in the world.  It’s not just because of the unreal run we’ve been on the past 15 years.  Nope it’s because if you play your balls off here. If you are loyal. If you leave it all out on the court this city will fall in love with you and make you immortal. I don’t care how many rings Bron Bron ends up with. I don’t care that Ray won with the Heat when he left town. That is worthless compared to the reception that Paul Pierce got tonight. Grown men openly weeping in the crowd. You can’t put a price tag on that. It’s so rare to see it nowadays with the Lebronification of sports and guys switching teams every 2 seconds.  You can’t get that type of reaction when you’re a career carpetbagger. Paul Pierce was a throwback. 15 years in one city. The face of a franchise for almost 2 decades. He will go down as one of the all time Celtic greats. He’ll take his place alongside Russell, Cousey, Red, Larry etc.  More importantly he’s become not just a Celtic legend. He’s become a Boston legend. And frankly that’s harder to earn than anything you can actually win on the court. Congrats Paul Pierce and thank you.

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