I’d Say Doing An Ass Workout With Jen Selter Was the Highlight Of My Week




If you don’t know who Jen Selter is you’ve been living under a rock.  She only has the best and most famous ass on the internet right now.   Over 725K instagram followers just watching her put a beatdown on yoga pants on the regular.  Naturally when we found out she was in Boston we had to find her and that’s exactly what we did.   Being a mogul has it’s perks. And yes the ass workout was obviously just a ruse to get to see her ass in person.   I’d say it worked.  I’m sure everybody is gonna call me and Feits gayballs.  But let me ask you this.  Who is the gay ones?  The guys calling us gay or the guys who dressed up in neon to see that ass up close and personal?  Point Pres.


Here’s her Wake Up for tons more pics of yoga pants getting slaughtered.

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