I Refuse To Believe This Email From A UConn RA Is Real

UConn RA Email





So Kmarko blogged this earlier.  Shit is going viral right now.  I’ve had like 10 people send it to me.  None of them with the original email though.  It’s all screen shots.   This has JMac written all over it.   I just refuse to believe any UConn RA could be this dumb.    Maybe this shit flies at Harvard but not at UConn.  No way no how.   And if it is real then Derek deserves to be wedgied from the highest point in Storrs after UConn wins.  Can any UConn students confirm they actually received this?  Because until then I refuse to believe it.



Update: Someone just forwarded us Derek’s email response. Guess it’s real and I was wrong.

From: Derek
Date: April 7, 2014 at 3:54:29 PM EDT
Subject: Just to clarify…
So someone took the email I sent Saturday to heart and decided to Tweet it, so I’d like to clarify:

-I was trying to come off on the strict side so our floor wouldn’t be vandalized.  That has been a problem here in the past (and was a problem Saturday night again) and could end in us getting an extra fee.  That’s really the only point I was trying to get across, the rest was sarcasm.
-The laundry comment is a joke from Seinfeld.  Next time I’ll include a link so you know that I’m kidding.  We cheer for clothes 
-If you think I’m being condescending in an email, call me on it.  That’s not how I view my position and I was just trying to keep your shenanigans outside (where you are less likely to get in trouble).
Please address me the way I address you when there is a problem (mostly passive aggressive emails), as I could have explained that 90% of what I said was sarcasm and 10% was a plea to not have to document any of you guys.  Could you really imagine me saying “be as far away from me as possible” to any of you?  If you can, let me know.  We clearly have not had enough bonding time for you to get my sense of humor.   
But now it’s on the internet, so thanks.  
Derek (“arguably the worst RA in UConn history”)
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