I Can’t Believe This Is The Somerville Squid Accused Of Raping Freshman Soccer Players With A Broomstick



PITTSFIELDA Somerville High junior whose lawyer said “was in the wrong place at the wrong time” will remain locked up behind bars in the Berkshires pending a dangerousness hearing Friday on charges he and two classmates brutally raped an underclassman with a broomstick at a school-sponsored soccer camp. Eramo said the trio “were laughing after the assault occurred,” and that Mondol threatened one boy who said he was going to tell on them, “You better keep your mouth shut.”Neither she nor Korman offered any context for why the three youths were allegedly attacked during an event for Somerville High freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors she said was meant “to have team-building exercises and for players to get to know one another.”


Listen there is nothing funny about this story.  Nobody wants to get raped in the ass with a broomstick.  But I just can’t get over the fact that this is the kid accused of doing it.  I mean if this kid tried to stick a broom in my ass I’d break it off and feed it to him.  Least intimidating broomstick rapist in the game.

PS – Is there different kinds of rape charges?  I mean not to downplay getting raped with a broomstick but I feel like that’s not as horrific as actually getting raped with like a real penis.  Just saying.

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