I Can Definitively Say That The New Flo Rida Song Is The Worst Song In History



Liking bad music is kind of my “thing” so trust me when I say this song is utterly unbearable. Rule 1 of making a shitty song is you have to make it catchy. Like Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? Fire. But this is so awful on so many levels, there’s absolutely nothing redeeming about it. You know how you can tell how bad a horror movie is by how much gratuitous and unnecessary nudity they use? What we just watched was the music video version. As if they were in a production meeting and thought “Well this song sucks. And both artists are universally hated. So how are we going to get people to watch this?” and some intern chimed in “Asses. Asses everywhere. They walk on asses, there are ass islands, there are asses in the sky and there are bodies without torsos that are just asses!” At this point I almost feel bad for Flo Rida and Pitbull. They’re caricatures of production companies. There’s just no way they lay down this track then high five and say, “Now THIS is why I got into music! Fucking nailed it, buddy!”



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