Hulk Hogan’s Second Patriots Video is Even Better Than His First

Whoa whoa whoa.  What’s Hulk doing here? “To be on the New England Patriot team, you have to be an elite athlete. At all times”?  “One of the smartest men I have ever heard of, Mathew Mulligan”? “Extra edge”? “Extra advantage”?  “Victory after victory after victory”? “The Commander in Chief: Brady”?  “The Patriots will be successful in every endeavor”???  Look, I appreciate the enthusiasm as much as the next guy.  Hell, I didn’t lead a group of 40-something executives from my afterschool job in the 80s to go see Wrestlemania I on CCTV at the old Garden without a serious admiration for The Hulkster and all he brings to the table.  But the role of ridiculously over-the-top insufferable Patriots fanboy has been filled, Hogan.  So back the F up and quit working my side of the street.

That said, can there be any doubt after these Hulk videos that the Pats are going all the way?  You can’t fake this kind of karma.  That belt Mully has in his locker has to be like the Ark of the Covenant in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or the One Ring in “Lord of the Rings.”  No army that carries it before them can be defeated.  Those Patriot Missiles don’t lie.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  This has to become a thing, doesn’t it?  Like people wearing Army helmets to Sox games during the World Series run?  I’m putting the O/U of WWE Championship belts at Gillette Saturday at about 1,000.

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