How Much Would You Pay To Fly Into Outer Space With Leonardo Dicarpio?


NYDailyNews – A trip to space with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio raised 1.2 million euros ($1.5 million) for charity at a glitzy fundraiser at the Cannes film festival on Thursday. At the 20th annual event organized by amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, DiCaprio emerged as the mystery guest to accompany the winner on a Virgin Galactic flight into space. DiCaprio stars in the film “The Great Gatsby,” which opened the 66th Cannes film festival. Actress Sharon Stone said the winning bidder would spend three days in training with DiCaprio in New Mexico before blast-off.”You don’t get to go to outer space every day with a handsome movie star,” said Stone. The winner, Vasily Klyukin, 37, a Russian living in Monaco, said he had always wanted to go into space.

Well I fucked that up. I mean how the fuck didn’t I know this auction was happening? I would have spent my entire 2 million internet dollar fortune on this thing. Like flying into outer space with Leonardo Dicaprio? That’s not a once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s a once in 8 gadzillion lifetimes opportunity. I’m never going to have this chance again. Never. The flying into space with Leonardo ship has sailed forever. Fuck my life.

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