How Can Geno Auriemma Not Try To Coach Men And Still Look Himself In the Mirror In the Mornings?



So I heard through the grapevine that Uconn smashed Louisville to win their 8th women’s national championship last night. It was the 2nd biggest story of the evening coming in behind Greg Louganis popping a hammy helping Louie Anderson sit down so he could roll off the diving board in Splash. Yes I honestly think the Louie Anderson dive was a bigger deal than the women’s national championship which brings up my next point. I just don’t get how Geno Auriemma doesn’t try to coach men’s basketball? Does he have no pride? No competitive spirit? Like we get it bro. You’re the best coach in the history of women’s basketball. Guess what? Nobody gives a fuck. Seriously how does Auriemma not try to coach against men? It’s mind boggling to me. He always acts so cocky and righteous. Acting like his shit don’t stink. Always bitching and moaning when nobody pays attention to women’s hoop. You want the spotlight? You want to strut around like you’re the cock of the walk? You want to be taken seriously as one of the all time greatest coaches? Coach men. Until then you’re a joke.

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