Holly Holm Kicked Bethe Correia’s Head Off At 9am This Morning

Hey guys and girls, hope your Friday night hangovers have subsided. Bethe Correia is probably going to have a hangover-y feeling for a long time because Holly Holm kicked her right in the fuckin’ noggin bright and early in Singapore. Right after Bethe taunted her like a moron, too.

The actual fight was horrendous and involved Referee Mark Goddard (who’s up there with Big John as the best in the sport) stepping in and basically saying “Girls, please fight each other. People are her to see you fight each other and you’re not doing it.” Then, this question mark kick landed, and got The Preacher’s Daughter back on track after an unfortunate string of losses.

Maaaayyybe my favorite part of this knockout is the race to Correia after the kick hit. Goddard rushing in to stop the fight, Holm rushing in to punch the fuck out of Bethe’s face…and Holly won. Now we just hope The Preacher’s Daughter can bounce back, and one day hold the gold again. She’s one of my favorites and also extremely marketable because she’s one of the most genuine, kind fighters on the roster.

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