High School Basketball Team Has Season Cancelled And Coach Fired For Players Giving Wedgies On Team Bus

Honeoye, N.Y. - The Honeoye Boys Varsity basketball team will forfeit the rest of its games this year. School officials confirm several senior players have been suspended for 5 days over allegations of hazing on a bus ride home after a recent game. The varsity coach has been fired. The alleged incidents occurred on a bus during a ride home from the game. A bus driver became so concerned about what was going on that he asked the coaches to intervene then went to the district when they did not.”They call it hazing but it wasn’t really hazing,” says senior Brett Hodgeman who was a part of the team until recently and also came up through the JV system. Asked to explain he says “they were giving people wedgies and stuff.” Parents of the seniors met with Superintendent David Bills on Tuesday and learned of the punishment. Coach Jim Parshall who is not a teacher was fired.The JV coach, Jordan Trowbridge, who said he voluntarily stepped down, told 13WHAM Parhall was an excellent coach adding, “No one wants to go out that way.” Erin Cratsley, mother of one of the suspended players, said, “It’s a bit extreme … I hate to say it’s boys being boys, but it is … They’ve been doing it for years.” The district has received no complaints from players or their parents. No one is alleging injuries and because of that the police are not involved at this time. Brett Hodgeman who has ridden the team bus many times says “we played around and had fun with the JV. I really do think it was boys being boys.” Asked if he was in on this behavior as a JV team member Hodgeman says he “opted out” and says other players can choose to do so.

So let me get this straight. None of the kids complained about this. The coaches didn’t complain or see a problem with it. No parents had a problem with it or complained about it. Yet an entire basketball season got cancelled and a coach with 20 years experience got fired because a bus driver ratted them out for wedgies? A fucking bus driver? Since when did a bus driver get so much clout that they could take down an entire high school? I mean we’re talking about a freaking bus driver here. That’s like the lowest of the low. Hey bus driver you know how you end up being a bus driver in life? By doing shit like this. Being a little tattle tale. Somebody needs to wedgie this guy on a traffic light with a sign that says “This is what happens to Bus Drivers who are Narcs.”

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