Have People Heard of this Chat Roulette Thing?

chat4 fag chatroulteet chat3 So I’ve gotten a couple emails about this new website called Chat Roulette. Basically it’s like Russian Roulette except instead of putting one bullet in the chamber of a gun you just randomly get assigned to talk to strangers with a webcam. It can be just as dangerous though in many respects. I mean one second you could be chatting with a chick and next second you could have some dude stroking his cock. It’s fucking nuts. Anyway I decided to give it a whirl today. I didn’t even know my computer had a webcam but I clicked yes and boom there I was. So I threw on my wedding tuxedo and started chat rouletting away. Hey you only get one chance to make a first chat roulette impression right? Anyway it’s a great way to kill half an hour as long as you can avoid getting stuck with a stranger jerking off.    Pretty cool betting game too.  See who can get somebody to stay on the horn the longest.

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