Harrison Mooney Is The Internet’s Biggest Creep

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Words can’t express how happy I am about this. Harrison Mooney is the biggest idiot on the internet. He writes troll blogs for Yahoo and constantly searches himself on Twitter, retweeting the people who get mad about his stupid articles. He’s an asshole and an idiot. Oh and he hates Barstool. He thinks we’re racist and misogynistic and all that. Here are some of his past thoughts on us…


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BYAHAHAHHAHAHA. Hey Harrison, what exactly does it take to bring you pride in your sexuality? Is it constantly creeping girls out via direct messages? Making them fear you? Is that what real manly men do? Sorry I haven’t lived up to your standards. I’m just one of those embarrassingly straight guys who respects women and since I don’t think of them as my right  I don’t incessantly bombard them with direct messages about how beautiful their lips are. I’ll try and be better, Harrison. I promise. Meanwhile you keep fighting for women’s rights publicly while you privately harass them. You the real MVP bro.




PS – I love how quick he was to pull the race card. “Sure I creep girls out non-stop, that’s what the internet is for. But someone called me the N word! What a place!”


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h/t RearAd

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