Guy Wins $10,000 In Fantasy Fishing Championships Which As It Turns Out Is A Real Thing That Exists

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Wired 2 Fish- Steve Pasker of Waterloo, Iowa, was the top scoring player in FLW Fantasy Fishing and won the grand prize of $10,000 after the conclusion of last week’s world championship of bass fishing, the Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Murray presented by Walmart. Pasker scored 12,081 points throughout the seven event season, narrowly edging out Michael Austin of Elmhurst, Pa., by just 2 points. Austin earned $2,000 for his runner-up finish. Pasker started playing by simply signing up and selecting a team at “This is awesome,” said Pasker. “I didn’t think I had any chance after the first tournament of the year at Lake Okeechobee. I didn’t have a good finish at all in that tournament, but the next six events I did pretty well in. “My strategy for each event was to target the local anglers, or the guys who had a lot of experience on the lake,” Pasker continued. “I would try to stay away from the highest-salaried anglers, but I usually had Cody Meyer on my team for every tournament. I watch all of the pre-tournament videos that Rob Newell films for as well. They are definitely a huge help.” Pasker said that he planned to pay off his truck with his winnings and that he was going to stick the rest away in a savings account. Several other winners from California to Michigan to North Carolina took home cash and prizes throughout the season. FLW Fantasy Fishing is free to play, but fans can gain a valuable edge with Member’s Advantage. Member’s Advantage is a unique tool that offers additional resources and information, including lake reports, local finder and pundit picks. An added benefit to purchasing Member’s Advantage is a subscription to FLW Bass magazine and the perks of becoming an FLW member including an FLW hat and Strike King crankbait, members-only tackle giveaways and VIP access at all FLW Tour events.


Who knew there was an underworld of fishing fantasy sports?  I sure as hell didn’t.  Where you at DraftKings?  You’re missing out on a section of that market that apparently exists.  $10,000 is nothing to sneeze at.  I would’ve never guessed in a million years that the 1st place prize for fishing fantasy sports would be that high.  I figured a new tackle box, a couple of lures and a $5 gift card to Fin & Feather would be the max.  It sounds like the guys involved take it pretty super seriously too.  The quote from the guy who won about avoiding high-salaried anglers and watching game film before every event was laugh out loud funny.  All I could picture was a Bill Belichick/Tom Thibodeau set up in the guy’s basement with an old projector and him smoking endless cigarettes as he watched game tape of last week’s fishing event.  Looking for every possible edge while his annoyed wife asks him to do household chores and him yelling at her stuff like, “I’ll take out the garbage later, I have to study this guy reeling in a 45 pound flounder with his stink bait crank bait angle reel XP 720*.  I’m worthless without my preparation.  THE FLW FISHING TITLE IS MINE THIS YEAR.”  But who I am to make fun of a guy for his weird hobbies? Hard to throw stones when I’m the same guy who watched last season of the Bachelorette and got legit angry when the bitch on the show made fun of my home state.  And there wasn’t a five-figure cash prize at the end of that like there is here, only my father’s shame.


*I made every bit of that up.  I don’t know the first thing about fishing.


PS- The guy who won is from Iowa so we shouldn’t be totally surprised that he won.  Not that we know a lot about fishing here but we’re all winners.  It’s in our genes.

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