Guy Offering to Tattoo Aaron Hernandez on Anybody for Free Might Be the Worst Human Being on the Planet

Actual Craigslist AdComic villain drawer looking to hone my tattoo skills. I have a degree from UEVD, top of my class. Feeling bad for Aaron Hernandez. Let’s show him love and support Patriots Nation. Free tattoo of Hernandez mural on arm, chest or leg. You pick the picture of Hernandez and I tattoo it for free. That’s my tight end man. And if you’re really feeling my man, I will tattoo a replica Hernandez jersey onto your back.


I’m going to try not to let this destroy my faith in either the tattoo artist profession or the proud graduates of UEVD, in whom I have the utmost respect.  Tattoo artists are doing the Lord’s work my man.  And it would be wrong to denigrate a noble profession like theirs just because one asshole still thinks of Aaron Hernandez as his tight end man.  So if anyone answers this ad because you’re really feeling his man, I hope he inks you with infected needles and you end up deader than Odin Lloyd my man.  @JerryThornton1

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