Gronk Hosting Ladies Night Football Clinic During The Buy Week Complete With Gronk-tinis…Of Course He Is

gronk-partying-243 – Centered around football, women, and adult beverages — three favorite features of many a single man in his mid-20s — the Patriots’ tight end will host the inaugural Citi Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women’s Clinic on the Monday evening coming out of the team’s bye week, joining with area high school and college coaches to direct activities at an event that promises a “focus on football basics with a social twist.” When female Citi Card members who pay $99 arrive at 5 p.m., they’ll first partake in a cocktail hour, where they’ll have access to Gronk-tinis — the ingredients will be left to your imagination — along with beer, wine, and food. Before they leave, participants — who must be 21 or older — will also hear Gronkowski “give talks highlighting the finer points of the game of football and beyond,” as well as take a team photo with the tight end, have the opportunity to win prizes, and go home with an authentic autograph and a T-shirt.

Fucking Gronk. Guy has been back in the mix for 5 minutes and he’s already getting back to what he does best. Slaying bitches. Apparently he spent the past 9 months figuring out loopholes in our legal system that would allow him to prostitute himself legally. Now he’s making chicks pay 100 bucks to come hang out and fight to give him a handjob.  Because let’s call a spade a spade.  No chick is showing up to this thing to learn about football. They want the Gronk-tinis and the Gronk-tenis. Well played.

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