Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher(s)





LouisianaA former student who allegedly had a threesome with two high school teachers in Louisiana testified in court on Tuesday about the steamy romp — and admitted secretly recording one of the women sleeping after sex as “proof” to show to his fellow football players.

The unidentified student, now 19, detailed the relationship he had with former Destrehan High School teacher Shelly Dufresne, 34, that began when he was a 16-year-old student in her English class. …

“Later on that night was the first time that Shelly and I had intercourse,” the teen told Judge Danyelle Taylor. …

The night of their first tryst began, the teen said, when Dufresne picked up the teen from his home in the New Orleans suburb of Destrehan after a football scrimmage. He testified that the teacher then drove to an isolated location behind a daiquiri shop, where they had sex.

Prosecutors say Dufresne coordinated the trysts using a fake Facebook profile under the name “Madison Mexicano,” complete with an image of the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez as the profile image. The cover photo also included the phrase, “I love Mexican boys,” a reference to the teen, prosecutor Rachel Africk said. The teen later testified Tuesday that he didn’t appreciate that reference, however, since he is half-Colombian and half-Caucasian. …

The teen provided the court with a list of the places where he met Dufresne to have sex, including at her house in Montz, inside her Honda Pilot SUV in multiple parking lots — and in a shed at a friend’s house. The torrid romps culminated, the teen testified, with a threesome with another former Destrehan High School English teacher, 26-year-old Rachel Respess, at her apartment in Kenner.

“All three of us were in bed together,” the teen told the court. “We all started having sex.”

The teen also said he recorded video of Respess while she slept after the threesome and admitted to the court that his genitals could be seen in the footage.

“It was kind of like proof,” he testified, adding that he showed the video to some teammates on the high school football team. “I told them about it, but they didn’t believe me.”

As you GtNSST historians will no doubt note, I’ve graded Shelly Dufresne and Rachel Respess before. That was back in October of 2014, when the story of their arrests first broke. Meaning they were probably among the last Sex Scandal Teachers I wrote about before I took a full time job at WEEI. At the time, they were obviously poised to be heart of the order power hitters on the 2014 Starting Lineup. Unfortunately, it never happened because the suits at WEEI’s dot com considered SSTs to be kinda rapey.

So while I’ve never recycled one of these in the glorious history of celebrating hot teachers boning their students, this time it just feels right. These ladies never got their just due. Plus we’ve got the sworn testimony of the kid. New details like this Madison Mexicano Facebook stalking, which is both sexy and hilariously racist at the same time. We’ve got the video of a naked Rachel Respess. We’ve got it all. And what the hell. If they can reboot Spider-Man three times in less than 16 years, I think we can remake a threesome Teacher Sex Scandal. Here’s what I said the first time, because nothing has changed:

The Grades:
I must admit I’m having some problems with Rachel Ruspass, since I found three pictures of her and they all look completely different.  Those top two (she’s on the right) are legit.  And while the full body shots makes her look a little Louisiana trailer park-y, that body on her is no joke.  Assuming they’re all her she still qualifies for a high grade.  And Shelley Dufresne is one of the easiest grades I’ve done all year.  Oh, wait.  The kid banged them both.  Forget everything else and just add them together for a Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Threesome.  With TWO hot female teachers.  On videotape. No more needs be said.  Grade: A
Shelley is going to jail, and her name is Dufresne.  That alone is worth an A.  But just for extra credit I’ll add “Forgive us our Respasses, as we forgive those who have Respass against them.”  Grade: A
A.  Simply put: A first ballot Hall of Fame SST.

Do you have someone you want to see graded? Tweet her to me @jerrythornton1 or email me at [email protected]. Your service to the betterment of mankind will be its own reward.

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