Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

Maryland - A 35-year-old school employee has been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student and performing oral sex on him in a Walmart parking lot. Amanda Kay Miller, 35… who is an inclusion helper at North Harford High School – would buy him cigarettes and take him home from school sometimes… his communication with Miller included personal contact, text messages, phone calls and the exchange of naked photos of each other. Miller’s job involves supporting the classroom teacher by providing help to students during instruction, prepares instructional materials for students under the direction of the teacher, and charts data on student progress. When police questioned Miller, she allegedly admitted having sex with the boy and said she performed oral sex on him in her car at a Walmart parking lot.

Frigging Maryland.  Winning the Super Bowl then throwing its hat into the Sex Scandal Teacher ring.  This is how you announce your presence with authority, too.  With a skanky little number like Amanda Kay, sexting a kid, bringing him home to bone him, then the coup de grace:  blowing him in the car outside of Walmart and bragging about it.  Inclusion teachers just don’t get any more inclusionary than that.  And I have to admit, the romantic in me likes to think that every time she taught the lad something new sexually, she marked it on his student progress chart.

The Grades:
She’s suffering from a slight case of Plain Jane syndrome, but I bet she cleans up good.  Amanda reminds of sort of a low rent version of Helen Hunt, maybe around her “Mad About You” days.  You know you would.  Grade: B
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
This chick knows how to hit all the right notes.  Nude pics, public sex, looking the cops in the eye and admitting to it.  The fact she’s only a classroom helper and not a certified teacher with full tenure is the real crime here. Grade: A
“Crabcakes, football and Walmart parking lot head.  That’s. What. Maryland. Does!” Grade: A
[Thanks to @Nick_Allman21] Have information about a hot female teacher having sex with her students?  Preferably with pictures? Help make the world safe for Teacher Sex Scandals by Tweeting me @jerrythornton1.

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