Gisele Being All Sexy Singing Heart of Glass



You know what?  The headline of this blog actually should have read “Gisele trying to be sexy singing Heart of Glass”   That’s right.  I said it.  I can’t keep quiet anymore.  I can’t stifle my feelings.   I don’t think Gisele is that hot in terms of supermodel hotness.  If I get struck by a bolt of lightning so be it, but I  just can’t remain silent anymore.  Tom Brady is hotter than she is.   Tom Brady deserves better.   Like I’m sure she’s a very nice ladyl.  I’m sure she’s a great mom.  But when you’re Tom Brady and you could literally have any woman you want you need to do better.  Like he could be balls deep in Nina Agdal or Bar Refaeli or any Victoria Secret model he wants right now.  How does he live with himself?  How does he tell his dick it’s okay? I mean being in love and married can’t be that fucking good can it?



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